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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Weymouth, MA


People hear a lot about fluoride and how it’s beneficial to teeth. Fluoride, however, doesn’t act the same way as calcium. We get fluoride through our diets, and most available toothpastes are also supplemented with fluoride for an added benefit.

Why should you get fluoride treatment in Weymouth, MA if you’re already getting it from other sources? The amount of fluoride in fluoride treatments is higher than the fluoride you obtain from other sources. Fluoride treatment in Weymouth, MA, provides patients with concentrated amounts of fluoride in a short time for maximum benefit.

How are treatments performed?

Fluoride treatments for kids are straightforward. There’s nothing that needs to be done in preparation for the procedure. No sedation is needed since no discomfort is expected.

We calculate the dose of fluoride according to age and weight. Then, we apply it to the patient’s teeth at our dental clinic in Weymouth, MA. Fluoride can be applied as a gel, using a brush, or through tiny cups placed over teeth. It has to be placed over teeth for about 30 minutes before it’s removed.

You should wait for about half an hour before rinsing your mouth or eating and drinking. This is to give your teeth additional time to absorb the fluoride. We don’t recommend trying to do these treatments at home. using excessive amounts of fluoride can irreversibly damage your teeth.

Who needs fluoride treatment?

You should be looking for fluoride treatment in Weymouth, MA, for your children. Children are vulnerable to tooth decay. The fluoride acts by strengthening teeth and putting an end to ongoing decay. These effects are more valuable in children. Adults can get fluoride treatments too, but they’re not as beneficial.

Insurance policies often cover fluoride treatment in Weymouth, MA, for children. You’ll need to check with your insurance provider to see whether it is covered or not under your plan. Our team can help you find out more about your specific insurance policy.

​​​​​​​Still confused about fluoride treatment in Weymouth, MA? Schedule an appointment with our fluoride treatment dentist near you to consult about the treatment.

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