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Dental Sealants in Weymouth, MA

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Dental sealants in Weymouth, MA, reduce the risk of cavities on permanent molars by almost 80 percent. Taking your child for dental sealant treatment at aesthetic and restorative dentistry can keep him or her safe from caries.

Why children are more prone to caries

If you run your tongue over your back teeth, you will notice that the surfaces are much rougher and filled with pits and fissures. due to the presence of such grooves, food particles and bacteria get trapped and start attacking the tooth enamel on the molars.

Eventually, when the decay continues to grow, the tooth deteriorates and leaves behind a cavity. Children are particularly prone to cavities due to several reasons:

  • They are more likely to snack on sweet and sugary foods compared to adults. this is why it’s a good idea to inculcate healthy eating habits from a young age. our dentist in Weymouth, MA explains healthy oral hygiene tips to children while making it fun at the same time.

  • Children are less likely to brush their teeth as thoroughly as adults can. the toothbrush may not reach the back teeth or clean the surface properly. children may be distracted or playful while brushing and may try to finish brushing as soon as they can.

  • Your child’s newly erupted molars are not as resistant to decay as your molars are.

Dental sealant procedure at aesthetic and restorative dentistry

Dental sealants in Weymouth, MA, for kids can be applied in a single sitting, and the procedure is painless, safe, and quick. The tooth sealant hardens very quickly or is hardened with the help of curing light; children cannot lick it off.

Our Weymouth dentist will first examine the tooth for signs of decay and clean this out before applying the dental sealant. Moreover, the procedure is painless as the dental sealant is placed around the tooth enamel, which does not contain nerves. A tooth sealant is far less likely to develop cavities. With proper care and good oral hygiene, tooth sealants near you can last for as long as ten years.

If you’re interested in getting dental sealants in Weymouth, MA, contact Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry to consult our dentist about tooth sealants near you.

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