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‘I would like to thank you for explaining to me the long term benefits of implant surgery because I was unaware of this procedure prior to our talk. Having gone through the process I can highly recommend it to anyone who experiences loose dentures because I can finally enjoy eating without the worry of dentures becoming loose at any time.’

Bob M.

’I was afraid to get all of the work done but this office is so kind and patient. And they understand good things (like a good smile) take time.’

Colleen H.

‘Implant – No worry! The procedure was pain from both during and after. It was actually easier than having a root canal or crown done.’

Sandy H.

‘It began as a broken took and gradually became a total restoration. With the help of Dr. Grace and his staff it was without pain or worry.’


‘I started restoration with in 1995 and 5 years later it was finished…with time and patience, the work progressed and, at last, my mouth the teeth were back to where Dr. Grace felt was ‘just right’

Pat S.

‘Recently, I had an appointment with a doctor whom I had never been to see before. During the part of the exam, where he looks down your throat with the tongue depressor, he commented that I had never nice dental work. This is a great tribute to Dr. Dave conspiring how many mouths he must examine.’

Cliff D.

‘We came in to see Dr. Grace about dentures and were introduced to implants. Our experience has surpassed our expectations. We are more than please and grateful to Dr. Grace for making us aware of this procedure.’

Tom and Addie M.

‘I would like to say that having implants bottom dentures was the best thing I ever did. I was nervous about it, but am very please and happy. It is like having my own teeth.’